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The Center for Advanced Dentistry offers personalized fee-for-service cosmetic dentistry for those who appreciate premium dental care in a timely manner. We perform exclusive and special dentistry based on scientific evidence mixed with a scent of art and creativity. The latest technology, knowledge and diligence is applied so we can design your gorgeous smile.

Bernard Baruch said "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail". We are proud to be most versatile in services and apply multi-specialty treatment approach. This allows us to plan and execute dentistry in the best possible way. In addition to general and family dentistry we offer specialty dentistry and for certain procedures we may use our in-office specialist (endodontist / root canal specialist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, periodontist,  pediatric dentist). We also offer modern solutions including:

- teeth whitening  - one hour laser whitening (power bleaching) and home kit 

- Invisalign clear removable braces

- ultra-thin no-prep veneers (Lumineers);

- porcelain veneers with individual characteristics, corresponding to your face, smile, complexion and the "look" you desire

- smile lift gum micro-surgery performed with a soft tissue laser

- correction of a gummy smile with a lip lowering procedure (see one of our gummy smile cases)

- minimally invasive implant dentistry, including sinus lift alternatives and flapless surgeries  

- case-specific implants, including mini implants, short implants and immediate load implants

- "teeth in a day", "teeth in an hour" and "all-on-four" complete implant reconstructions

- full mouth reconstruction with prosthetic support on teeth or implants

-metal-free dentistry: implants and crowns entirely made of white Zirconium ceramic (aka zirconia implants)

The Center for Advanced Dentistry has traditions in helping local, nationwide and international patients. Recommendations and contacts of people who visited our office from UK, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Italy, France, Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand etc. are available upon request. If you would like to co-ordinate the treatment with your referring dentist please provide the appropriate contact information.

See some of our ceramic implants cases done with minimally invasive technique here:


                                                        Center for Advanced Dentistry
                                                         20 Tsvetna Gradina Street
                                                    Lozenetz, Sofia 1421 BULGARIA


                                                       calls from UK: 0207.993.8357
                                                       calls from USA: 888.662.8959


   We used to do this implant reconstructions with metal support:


.  Now we do the same with biocompatible nonmetal zirconia ceramic:

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